Event Calendar

With Event Calendars you can follow
events and news you are interested in seeing.

You won’t forget events you are interested in. You won’t miss news you like.

For example, when your favourite team plays, the broadcasting time for that unmissable show, trash pickup days in your city or the date of the fireworks display. When you follow a calendar, events you like, will automatically be added to your calendar.

Furthermore contents you might be interested in, such as daily news, articles, daily recipes and much more can be set to appear automatically. That’s a great convenience.

Setup is VERY EASY!

STEP1Tap Calendar on the Toolbar.
STEP2Tap Add Event Calendar.
STEP3 Then add the Event Calendars you like from the list.

Choose from a rich Line UP.

There are many Event Calendars from a lot of partners available. Pick those that suit your lifestyle!

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