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Smart City

Practical calendar type regional DX


We offer information
and services that you like!

We provide an environment where you can utilize information and services related to yourself at the timing of checking your schedule on a daily basis on the calendar.
Based on one's schedule and actions, we provide information to be displayed and service leads that are important to the person in the surrounding area.


For reference



When you look at the school event schedule, you can know the events in the nearby shopping district, and when you check the train time to go to the dentist, you can know the baking time of the bakery on the way.



Multiple services such as travel hotels, travel tickets, event reservations, and souvenir shop recommendations can be connected with your calendar.



Digitalize the school's annual event schedule and display the timetable and school lunch menu together. At the same time, we will provide a mechanism to reduce the burden on teachers and parents, such as the function of applying for events and the function of accepting absentee notifications. Furthermore, by sharing information such as PTA and neighborhood associations and linking it with local information, a community centered on schools (children) can be achieved.

The aim is to make a difference every day by "noticing what we can do" at the same time as improving convenience.