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Corporate Customers

Jorte's services
that expand
business possibilities

Jorte also offers services for corporate customers using its own company and group company tools. We will provide our customers the services that can only be provided by a popular calendar app company.


List of services for corporations

Providing nationwide festival
and event information

At the Event Bank of a group company, event information from countries all over the world is independently converted into a database, and 40,000 data are updated daily. It can be used as information content for various media such as general portal sites, outing / sightseeing / travel sites, regional information sites, and apps. Event information is also provided in foreign languages (English, Chinese, Korean) and can also be used as content for foreign tourists visiting Japan (inbound). In addition, we have items such as the date and time of the event, latitude and longitude, and the estimated number of mobilizations, and we also provide them for various analysis scenes such as demand forecasting.

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